Das verbindet uns. T-Mobile Austria Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2018


Sustainable for ourselves.

To be frank: we are sustainable for our own benefit. We spend hundreds of millions so that we will still be able to use mobile frequencies in 20 years’ time. Hundreds of millions more for a mobile frequency that can satisfy our Austrian customers’ hunger for data today, tomorrow, and in the future. And we spend a lot of time researching technology which will allow us to guarantee the best connection in the next decade.

Sustainability is part of our DNA at T-Mobile Austria. We do not follow short-term phone trends, but instead continue to build a long-lasting infrastructure so that you can be connected in all areas of life. With your loved ones, when you are not with them. With your office, so that you won’t need to panic when you’re caught in commuter traffic. With your home, so that you can avoid any unnecessary energy costs. And, of course, with your friends, doctor, clients, business, farm - basically with everyone and everything that matters in your life.

In 2015, we reached an important milestone in our sustainability programme: The T-Mobile network and the entire company are carbon-neutral. We achieved this through the use of hydropower and renewable energy, energy efficiency, economic use of resources, and certified CO2 compensation in cases where emissions cannot (yet) be entirely avoided.

As the top mobile service provider in Austria and one of the leading networks worldwide, we also place sustainability in our customers’ hands by offering fair phones that have been manufactured according to Fair Trade regulations, are easy to repair, and can be upgraded. Repurchasing used smartphones is also a sustainable practice. We ensure that they are refitted and reused.

Our Sustainability Report was generated according to international standards and provides information on all aspects of sustainability management at T-Mobile Austria.